Tooling & Functionality

Tooling & Functionality


As with any blockchain Pontem will come with standard tooling and functionality that end users are familiar with, however we aim to augment these tools to better suit the needs of the Pontem blockchain.

No-code Tools

No-code Tools

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With the advent of user-friendly decentralized exchanges and DeFi applications such as DEX aggregator 1inch Exchange and Furucombo which take complex multi-hop transactions and combine them into one transaction, users have become increasingly accustomed to simple interfaces for executing complex trades.

🧙‍♂️ This is the concept that the No-Code tools on Pontem is using to allow people without coding skills to:

  • Create smart contracts

  • Add Liquidity to Swap platforms

  • Deploy Staking Contracts

  • Create new DeFi farming strategies

  • Execute Loan/Borrow operations

These tools are limitless.

Any developer can publish their own Move module and create a No-Code templates to be used by others.

Pontem is one-stop place for executing No-Code transactions across a number of different use cases. Developers can choose how much to charge in fees for their No-Code templates.

Pontem Blocks