Run Local Node

This part explains how to build Move VM pallet locally, and run the node in development mode locally.

We recommend to use rust toolchain that we use during development.

Install Rust before moving to next steps.

Visit repository of Move Pallet and clone it:

git clone [email protected]:pontem-network/sp-move.git

Choose tag if needed, otherwise use master:

git checkout v0.3.0 # Latest actual tag

Navigate to cloned repository and launch init script:

cd ./sp-move

Run local node:

make run

You will see logs once Substrate node built. To interact with local node using UI see the next page.

Standard Library

You need to deploy Standard Library after building a local node. Install dove and build Standard Library:

git clone [email protected]:pontem-network/move-stdlib.git
cd move-stdlib
dove build --package

Dove build generates new package (means one binary contains all modules) and write in output where package placed, usually it's ./target/packages:

ls -la ./target/packages

See instruction how to deploy compiled package using sudo:

Register PONT coin

We need to register PONT coin information, so create new project using dove and write new script:

script {
use 0x1::PONT;
use 0x1::Pontem;
fun register_pont() {
// To make sure PONT coin registered and known.
Pontem::register_coin<PONT::T>(b"PONT", 12);

Compile transaction script:

dove ct 'register_pont()'

Execute script using UI or CLI.