The Pontem network is Polkadot based, so it's built on the Substrate framework and has a connection to the Polkadot / Kusama Relay Chain via a Parachain. A Parachain is essentially a blockchain with unique logic that is connected to the main Polkadot / Kusama blockchain (Relay Chain). This architecture allows for parallelized transaction processing and theoretically infinite scalability on Polkadot.

What is Substrate?

Substrate is a library of pre-built modules called pallets which allows anyone to build their own custom blockchain. Substrate's goal is to abstract away code-complexity by making available modular components which developers can use to build their own custom blockchains.

Why Substrate?

When the Polkadot team began building at Parity, they realized that they were repeating a lot of development that had already been done for the Ethereum and Bitcoin clients, such as writing RPC and database components. Even the most specialized blockchains have many attributes in common: a hashing algorithm, a database, networking, etc.
In order to efficiently build many different blockchains, Parity developers put all the functionalities needed to build a blockchain into a framework called Substrate.
The idea was to take everything learned building Ethereum and Bitcoin implementations and make the process of creating a blockchain as easy and flexible as possible. Substrate was created in a modular way not only to provide technical freedom but also to make functionalities like accounts, balances, governance, and smart contracts as easy as plugging in a library.
Substrate’s multilayered architecture lets developers choose between ease of development and technical freedom.

What are the key components of the Pontem Substrate Architecture?

The Pontem network architecture combines several components to become a unique toolset to create, crowdsale and manage your blockchain applications for use cases such as DeFi and NFT gaming.
To utilize the Pontem network the following components must first be implemented or already implemented:


The current Pontem node implementation is a Parachain that requires a connection to a Polkadot/Kusama Relay Chain to function normally. It is required as we want to have the Move VM pallet working, and No-Code tools working on top of Move language secured by Polkadot/Kusama validators and at the same time allow our community to become Collators to earn rewards and produce new proof of state transitions for the Relay Chain.


Collators collect Parachain transactions and produce proofs of state transitions for Relay Chain validators. Collators are rewarded in PONT tokens for running the Pontem network Parachain.

Economic Model

The economic model for inflation and gas metering is currently in development.


We are currently in progress with implementation integration of the official Governance Pallet.
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