Move VM pallet implements several RPC calls:

  • mvm_gasToWeight - converts gas to weight.

  • mvm_weightToGas - converts weight to gas.

  • mvm_estimateGasPublish - estimate gas for publishModule transaction.

  • mvm_estimateGasExecute - estimate gas for execute transaction.

You can get all available RPC methods using curl:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"id":1, "jsonrpc":"2.0", "method": "rpc_methods"}' http://localhost:9933/

As curl is not the best tool to iterate with RPC, we are going to show how to request RPC using Polkadot JS CLI.

Polkadot JS CLI

Install Polkadot JS CLI using instruction.

Estimate gas for execute transaction:

pontem-cli rpc.mvm.estimateGasExecute <address> @<mvt file> <gas>

Replace arguments:

  • <address> - with account address used during compilation.

  • <mvt file> - path to compiled script transaction file.

  • <gas> - amount of gas.

Response for RPC looks so:

"estimateGasExecute": {
"gas_used": "100000",
"status_code": "4,001"


  • gas_used - amount of gas used to execute a script.

  • status_code - status code returned from VM, 4001 is OK, look for more status codes.

Other examples:

pontem-cli rpc.mvm.estimateGasPublish <address> @<mvt file> <gas>
pontem-cli rpc.mvm.gasToWeight <gas>
pontem-cli rpc.mvm.weightToGas <weight>