Create account

Before you continue with the rest of our tutorials, create a Diem account to be compatible with the Diem ecosystem.

In this example we will create VASP account, that could just another account that holds balances and fires events:

script {
use 0x1::DiemAccount;
use 0x1::PONT::PONT;
fun create_account(tc_account: signer, account: address) {
&tc_account, // Treasury signature.
account, // Address of account.
x"", // Auth key, ignore for now.
x"626f62", // Account name, hex (Bob for example)
true // Support all currencies

Compile provided script:

dove tx 'create_account(tr, <address>)

Replace <address> with your account and execute transaction using UI or CLI.

✈️ See our instruction how to send transaction (execute/publish) using UI or CLI.