Watch Resources

move-resource-viewer allows you to watch resources stored inside a blockchain node. First of all, install move-resource-viewer using our documentation.

Compile using dove and deploy Storage module:

module Store {
resource struct U64 {val: u64}
resource struct Address {val: address}
resource struct VectorU8 {val: vector<u8>}
public fun store_u64(account: &signer, val: u64) {
let foo = U64 {val: val};
move_to<U64>(account, foo);
public fun store_address(account: &signer, val: address) {
let addr = Address {val: val};
move_to<Address>(account, addr);
public fun store_vector_u8(account: &signer, val: vector<u8>) {
let vec = VectorU8 {val: val};
move_to<VectorU8>(account, vec);

Once the module published, let's store a number using a script:

script {
use {{sender}}::Store;
fun store_num(account: &signer, a: u64) {
Store::store_u64(account, a);

Use resource viewer to see stored value:

move-resource-viewer -a <address> -q "<address>::Store::U64" --api="ws://" -o=output.json
cat ./output.json

Important: replace with your address.

To see resource we need to provide address stored resource and path of resources. In our case path is <address>::Store::U64, because we deployed Store using our address, there is U64 resource inside the module.

You will see something like (if stored value is 10):

"height": "0xc02a5689b6120fa495e6a5606b279c7a4b200f2fb5e4d0edec6969578d81ecef",
"result": {
"is_resource": true,
"type": {
"address": [...],
"module": "Store",
"name": "U64",
"type_params": []
"value": [
"id": "val",
"value": {
"U64": 10

More easy way to try resource viewer, just to check PONT balance (be sure you have PONT tokens in VM space):

move-resource-viewer -a <address> -q "0x1::Account::Balance<0x1::PONT::T>" --api="ws://" -o=output.json
cat ./output.json