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🚀 Pontem is an experimentation platform and bridge between permissioned and public blockchain ecosystems that will allow for the exchange of data and value between these two metaverses. Pontem successfully delivered a web3 grant to port the Move VM into the Polkadot ecosystem and is backed by leading venture capital funds such as Mechanism Capital, Kenetic Capital, Animoca Brands, and Delphi Digital.
Pontem is building a decentralized application (dapp) framework built on Polkadot that connects public blockchains like Ethereum to Facebook’s permissioned (private) Diem Blockchain project. This allows applications to leverage established public ecosystems like Ethereum for the permissioned Diem Blockchain. Pontem is connecting blockchains through Polkadot and aims to support additional protocols in the future to bridge crypto with Facebook’s 3.1 billion users.
Pontem is an Experimentation Network for Diem.
Pontem aims to enable an experimentation network that will leverage the best components of Diem’s technology and the Move programming language in order to speed up use case development. Pontem will also be the first project of its kind to bring the Move VM and Move Language to Polkadot via the Pontem Network.
We believe that by doing this:
Projects can align their apps to the Diem architecture and technology stack even before the official launch. It will also speed up go-to-market by facilitating the onboarding process into the Diem ecosystem to be granted access to Facebook’s 2.8 billion+ users.
  • Projects can build, test, and deploy dapps using decentralized architecture that is compatible with the Diem Blockchain and technology stack
  • A developer friendly platform enables product market fit testing for apps by connecting to data and liquidity in established public blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum and Polkadot.

Why Pontem?

The Pontem Network Bridging the Diem Blockchain to Polkadot
Today many crypto projects have to choose between two crypto metaverses — permissioned and permissionless blockchains. Pontem will bridge data and liquidity between these two worlds to enable interoperability on web3. While the public permissionless blockchain metaverse rapidly flourished in chaos, the permissioned blockchain world developed in a walled garden of Eden maintained by consortia of large enterprises. This has led to a divide in the crypto metaverse that can now be bridged by Pontem.
The Pontem Network, a decentralized architecture for the Move VM using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) addresses these concerns as a bridge between permissionsed and public blockchains. Pontem will allow Facebook users to gain access to all the use-cases provided by the public blockchain ecosystem such as decentralized financial instruments (DeFi), Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), payments and blockchain gaming.
Pontem will provide a set of tools to solve the development challenges of building on Diem:
  • Product teams building apps can experiment and test product fit before launching on the permissioned Diem Blockchain
  • Entrepreneurs validate ideas and technology before approval process with Diem Association
  • Validate compliance framework before submission to Diem Association
  • Enable data and value exchange with Diem Blockchain
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