Pontem Product Development Studios

Pontem is a product development studio working toward global financial inclusion powered by blockchains. We are partnered with Aptos to build foundational dApps and other infrastructure which enable adoption of their L1, such as development tooling, EVMs, AMMs, and more. The Move IntelliJ IDE and Move Playground are just the beginning.

The burgeoning ecosystem of Move-based, inclusion-focused infrastructure is where Pontem has a competitive advantage. Over the past four years, our team has developed deep expertise in Move. After working firsthand with the tech developed by Meta and Diem engineers, we knew we had to be β€˜first Movers’ on developing a Move Virtual Machine to expand the reach of this incredible technology. Our skill set encompasses the essential building blocks for modern blockchain development and we feel we are not just well-positioned for the future, but also in a unique position to build it. Given this unique position we are in, we will create the first product development studios for the Aptos Blockchain across 3 key verticals: protocols, developer tooling and infrastructure. With our skills and experience, we will help grow and develop this nascent ecosystem and capture value across the technology stack by building core primitive dApps necessary for the Aptos L1 to be used by billions of people. We will work with incumbent dApps, infrastructure providers and L1s to help them transition to Move. Where we identify market gaps, we will build the core elements ourselves and make upgrades that stay up to date with innovation.

Application protocols

We are going to first build the next generation of dApps with streamlined experiences enabled by Aptos and Move. This will fuel mainstream adoption globally for both customers and institutions. Starting with the key foundational protocol of an AMM for correlated and uncorrelated pairs. This will enable liquidity and discoverability for protocol tokens in the Aptos ecosystem.

Developer tooling

Learning a new language can be a difficult aspect of building a blockchain application, but Pontem believes their future suite of developer tools will streamline adoption. All tools are free to use.


We have already developed a fork of the Diem Move Virtual Machine which can be readily deployed to other modern chains like Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, and more. Our goal is for Move to flourish, so we plan to deploy in the future as the Move dApp ecosystem matures and the need grows for Move environments in other L1s. We will also research developing a new Ethereum VM that is compatible with the Move VM to connect the two technologies and allow dApp developers to enjoy all of Move’s benefits. This will allow them to migrate gradually and carefully, without the risk and expense of doing it in one monolithic app, and be the standard for migrating to Move VM deployments from Solidity on all L1s.

We are also making the Move VM compatible with legacy virtual machines like the EVM in order to enable easy deployment with a Solidity or Vyper codebase.

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