Getting Started

You are reviewing an outdated version of the Pontem Wallet documentation! We recommend switching to the most recent version from the new official website! ⚠️

Getting Started

Use the v1.3.0 or higher version of Pontem Wallet to go through the current docs.

Wallets Adapter

If you want to use Aptos Wallet Adapter, navigate to the Wallet Adapter documentation and skip the current doc.

Provider Browser Detection

When the page is loaded, the provider is integrated into the site page. You can check it this way:

if (typeof window.pontem !== 'undefined') {
  console.log('Pontem Wallet is installed!');

After that, you need to request access to the site from the user, for this use the connect method:

    .then(address => console.log(`Access for address ${address} allowed by user`))
    .catch(e => console.log('Access denied by user', e))

After that, you can fully interact with all wallet methods.

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