How is Pontem different to other blockchains?

Pontem Network aims to bring the Move VM and Move language, and ecosystem around it to Polkadot.

The Move language and the Move Virtual Machine, both developed by Facebook Diem, are among the safest technologies out there that enable the creation of smart contracts. This is in stark contrast to other Layer 1 blockchains who are focused on developing using languages such as Solidity and Web Assembly.

Pontem is the first project bringing Facebook's Move technology to the general crypto sphere, enabling anyone to build and launch applications on it.

πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ We are the only ones who have successfully ported Move to Cosmos before and now to Polkadot, being recognized by Web3 Foundation and got Web3 Foundation grant.

Project Supported By Web3 Foundation Grants Program

Our deep tech capabilities and over 2 years of experience intimately working with and knowing Libra/Diem will enable us to create a truly permission-less ecosystem, while still ensuring full compatibility with the Facebook version.

We believe Pontem has the unique potential of attracting hundreds of millions of users who will be exposed to the amazing possibilities of financial alternatives provided by Facebook's Diem for the first time in their life, yet who will remain hungry and on the lookout for free, unrestricted alternatives. Thus, Pontem will be an attractive direction for the product creators, giving them the freedom to create as they originally had intended, in turn resulting in a massive flow of users into the ecosystem, thus pushing the value of Pontem exponentially.

Ecosystem Fit

  • Developers can be interested to build their DApps on Polkadot using Move technology stack, as it’s a safe and useful language which is getting more and more adoption.

  • Libra is developing and using Move, so Polkadot will have at least initial compatibility with Libra at least by allowing using the same modules in both networks.

  • Flow - Crypto Kitties creators blockchain also going to utilize Move VM and Move language, also by creating new language on top of it - Cadence, which can be adopted to Polkadot later.