How is Pontem different to other blockchains?
Pontem aims to connect the Move VM, language and community seeded by Facebook’s permissioned Diem Blockchain project to the permissionless blockchain ecosystem through Polkadot. The Move language and the Move Virtual Machine are safe, enterprise ready technologies that enable blockchain functionality like payments and smart contracts.
In contrast to other Layer 1 blockchain projects who are focused on developing using languages such as Solidity and Web Assembly, Pontem is the first project to bring Facebook's Move technology to the permissioned crypto metaverse, enabling new and crypto native projects to build, test and deploy applications on Facebook’s Diem Blockchain.
🧙‍♂️ Pontem is the first, and so far only, project to have successfully ported Move to Cosmos and Polkadot, winning the prestigious Web3 Foundation grant and participate in Substrate Builders Program.
Substrate Builders Program
W3F Grant
Our diverse technical knowledge and over 2 years of experience intimately working with Libra/Diem code will enable us to manifest the vision of a public permissionless technology for the Move technology ecosystem while ensuring full compatibility with Facebook’s Diem Blockchain.
We believe Pontem has the unique potential of building infrastructure to support billions of users who will be exposed to the amazing possibilities of crypto through financial services provided by Facebook's Diem ecosystem for the first time in their life, yet will also want to pursue a connection to the permissionless crypto metaverse. Thus, Pontem will be an attractive option for product teams, giving them the tools to build applications for the large flow of users brought into the crypto metaverse by Facebook and the Diem Association which will power the utility of the Pontem Network.

Ecosystem Fit

  • Developers interested in building applications on Polkadot using the Move technology stack, as it’s a safe and flexible language which is getting more and more adoption.
  • New users of the Diem Blockchain developing on Move can first build on Polkadot with compatibility with the Diem Blockchain by using the same modules in both networks.
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