Getting started
Welcome to the guide on how to connect to the Pontem Network and execute your first transaction. In this guide, we will move PONT coins from one account to another account using the Move language.

Connection to network

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    To connect to the network you can use the Polkadot JS web user interface (UI) or command-line interface (CLI) to connect to our node. If you want to run a node locally skip to step 2.
    🏝️ The easiest way to connect to our network is by connecting directly to our node on the Pontem Polkadot JS UI.
    You will also need to request test tokens from ourfaucet
    Our testnet node is deployed on this IP address:
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    Alternatively, if you want to test the Pontem Network locally on your machine, see our local node build guide.
  3. 3.
    You might need to first create a private key account if needed:
  4. 4.
    You will also need to fund your account with testnet tokens using the Pontem Faucet.


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    In order to continue with this guide you will need to install our Dove toolchain which includes a package manager & compiler to not only install dependencies but also compile, test and deploy smart contracts from your IDE. See Dove installation guide
    Once installed, you can call the Dove function.
After you installed Dove and configured UI/CLI let's move to the next step.
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